Start-ups play an important role in the job market


Young companies are starting to call for change, choosing green and focusing on sustainability is even more in the forefront of a lot of start-ups today. Considering your carbon footprint is on everyone’s mind but putting this into practice in your business and work environment can produce a lot more questions than answers.

Revolution of business models

It is not only the profitability of the company that is important for the founders of today, but also the environmental and social contributions are important to them. Thus, start-ups play a key role in the climate protection of tomorrow.

Companies against food waste, solar and photovoltaic companies or logistics companies that compensate for their CO2 emissions are just a few examples.

New thinking in the job market

Traditional business models are reconsidered and reinvented. Why buy a mobile phone, if you can rent it, employees get more vacation, if they continue their education, work from home office, etc. The ideas of the entrepreneur founders are endless.