Stressed? Some useful tips that will help you through these summer months

The summer has always been related to holidays, tranquility and relaxation, however, the arrival of good weather can also add to a very common problem in our society: stress.

Whether you are an employee, self-employed worker or student, we can all experience anxiety at any time of the year and, although we are used to the idea of ​​a summer break, stress may not take vacations.

Stress has important consequences not only at the psychic level, but also causes a series of physical problems. Fatigue, insomnia, lack of concentration, dizziness, headaches or changes in appetite are some of the symptoms that indicate that we are going through a period of stress.

This situation can not only prevent you from fully enjoying your long-awaited vacations, but in the workplace it will reduce productivity and performance and even cause you a constant feeling of dissatisfaction.

However, we propose a series of techniques to help you reduce the level of stress or even get rid of it.

Take advantage to regulate your rest routine

The heat and a lack of good rest can tend to increase anxiety, which in turn makes the stress worse. To have a proper rest it’s necessary to sleep between seven or nine hours a day, with good posture, adequate lighting, silence and ventilation.

It is true that being on vacation is normal to go to bed later than usual, but the maintenance of this routine is important to enjoy the deserved rest and thus avoid the fatigue and fatigue of stress.

Take more care in the summer months

We all need time for ourselves, to be able to stop and listen to our body.

Reserve a time of your day to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself and the people around you will have a positive affect on you.

Take advantage of that free time to meet those friends who always make you laugh or just to socialize more. Do not be afraid to ask for help when you notice the signs of stress.

Relax and take time out to eat

Food is one of the fundamental pillars for a good state of health and, therefore, also through a good relationship with food we can help our body to forget stress.

Choosing healthy and seasonal foods, maintaining a good hydration and reducing the consumption of alcohol, coffee and especially fatty or sugary foods are the necessary measures to tune our body and mind.

However, not only the change in diet is necessary, but the way we eat is also important. Therefore, we must put aside electronic devices at the time of sitting at the table and allow us to enjoy food by itself and the people who accompany us.

Find a new hobby

There are many creative activities at your fingertips that you may not have tried or left for lack of time. Painting, writing poems, photography, dancing, crafts or even gardening are activities that help you break the routine and force you to disconnect. You must put all your attention in its realization and reinforce your self-esteem when seeing the results.

Relaxation techniques or the practice of yoga are also highly recommended to reduce stress.

Get in shape

Practicing any physical activity releases endorphins in our body, the hormones responsible for generating feelings of happiness and that help improve your mood, in addition to promoting rest.

Depending on your physical condition you can choose the sport that best suits you and, with good weather, you can move that activity outdoors, listen to your favorite music or meet new people.

We hope these tips can be of help in the coming weeks so you can enjoy, even more, your free time. 🙂

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