Summer sunshine

It’s that time of year again, getting ready for your summer vacation and employees begin to pack their bags for the holidays. But you are a freelancer, self-employed or run an SME and do not dare to go on vacation, because orders could be missed?

You too need a break to get back to peak performance. Athletes do not train 10 hours a day, 365 days a year. No, athletes seek the balance between training and recovery, periods of rest and stress phases, to be on top form at the peak of the season and to be able to call off the peak performance. Individuals or small businesses can also cut a slice of it. When your workforce is weakened, it also goes downhill with your productivity and creativity. In this blog, we give you some tips on how you in the future do not have to give up your holiday and should not!

Summer sunshine

1. Plan in advance

Plan the holiday already fixed at the beginning of the year. Of course, you should use periods of lower turnover. If you run an ice cream store, you may not want to leave the store during the summer 😉 Calculate about 8 weeks per year in your hourly rates for holidays, sick days, holidays, training and emergencies, so that you are financially covered during such periods. The cloud accounting software Reviso will help you with this . Or is there even the possibility that your employees / representatives can take over their activities in order to generate sales while on vacation?

2. Proactively inform your (regular) customers

Since you already know exactly when a holiday would make the most sense, then pass this on directly to your customers. This also gives the customer planning security. Remind your client about three to four weeks before vacation. Add to that when billing in Reviso  by adding a small paragraph before this is forgotten and then pending work on vacation. Inform customers on the website, in the email signature, in the social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram and on your answering machine. In addition, you should set up an out-of-office notice for your emails while on vacation, which will automatically generate a response to the customer that you will respond AFTER the vacation. Activate the Out of Office Assistant 2 days in advance so that you can complete the last activities and preparations in peace. Otherwise, work through to the last second and take the holidays to answer emails and phone calls and organize everything so that you can get started in the best possible way.

3. Time out make you a better entrepreneur

Everyone, whether employed or self-employed, needs recovery for body and mind. In addition, a break is also important for the long-term success of your company. The holiday brings the necessary distance to look at yourself and the company from other perspectives and to introduce necessary changes. In all everyday life with the daily routines you do not even come to think about yourself. Give yourself time to  rethink things. Are you satisfied with your personal and professional career? What can be changed and how do you see yourself in the future?

4. Stressful weeks before the holiday

Try to complete large projects or larger jobs, if possible, before your vacation, so that you can switch off completely. In addition, deal with the short term orders that need to be completed before your holiday begins 🙂

5. Stay offline

The holiday is there for your recovery and regeneration. When you are on vacation, you should not be reachable because that would only mean stress. It is even counterproductive to always be reachable, as the customer then does not regard you as an equal partner. During your vacation, customers can be satisfied with their employees or representatives. It may even make sense to leave the laptop and the service cell phone at home and put the e-mail push function on the smartphone to enjoy the holiday in peace. Without feeling guilty!


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