Taking control of your Business

In this blog, you will understand how to gain control over all areas of your business. With todays technological developments you can achieve a complete overview of your business with up to date data, in real time. This gives you the confidence to know what position your business is in and make judgement calls knowing all the facts. To gain this control in the past, you had to build a high-cost IT infrastructure, not so now.

Today, SMEs, startups and freelancers are interested in cloud management software applications. A key benefit of cloud applications is their scalability, only paying for what they really need and use. Especially at the beginning, small businesses can not predict exactly how many resources will be needed. Why are dynamic scalable IT resources important.. because the online application grows with the company and resources can be made available if needed. The current online applications on the market are diverse and help you to run your business in the best possible way. These programs promise maximum flexibility and mobility at a low cost.

With Reviso , you get an intuitive accounting and invoicing program in the cloud that allows you easily and efficiently manage and maintain your books.

Gain control over my company

Document Manager

Through the document manager you can manage all documents – such as supplier invoices, employee expenses and tax documents – centrally in the program and can be further processed from there. Upload the documents directly, email the file to your personal Reviso address, or use our mobile app and take a photo of the document. This will give you control over all the company’s documents and avoid bills going missing.

Digital fuse

All documents and data are stored in the cloud and can be viewed by all devices. Digitize your documents, because this saves you from confusing paper mountains or external hard disks. In addition, you can search targeted bookings and invoices with a few clicks and therefore do not have to spend hours browsing through old books. You can be sure that no documents or data are lost anymore.

Mobile apps

Our apps for smartphones and tablets keep you up-to-date anytime, anywhere. This gives you control over all customers, invoices and also KPIs. Stay informed on the go!


Reviso is multi-user capable, which means that you can work with several people in one platform at the same time. Give employees, bookkeepers, and accountants access to your books and share the tasks. It is important that all transactions in your accounts are fully recorded so that you can submit correct reports and tax returns to the tax authority. Your accountant can see all the data in real time and verify that the accounts are kept correctly. With Reviso you keep your accounting up to date and keep your business under control at all times.

The digital transformation is already a reality. Do not lag behind time and digitize your business today. Convince yourself and sign up for a free, 14-day trial.

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