Teleworking? The new way of working

Is Teleworking the way forward?

Teleworking is already a new form of employment that is gaining more and more followers among the most innovative companies. And it is not for less, because this type of practice has great advantages and brings great benefits to both the company and the workers. The reduction of costs in the office, the saving in the expenses of transport, the hiring independently of the geographical place where the worker is, or a greater productivity, are some of the virtues that this tendency entails.

However, we want to give you a series of tips to further enhance that productivity and make working from home even more worthwhile.

Get your own “office”

Not only is time important, so is space. Taking a corner of your own, free from distractions and that’s comfortable is essential to get to work. A comfortable chair and a desk equipped with everything you need will facilitate your work, and help you differentiate your leisure and work space.

Set limits

The people we live with sometimes do not understand that although we are at home, we are not available since we are working. Therefore, we must show them that during this time we are not available and that they must respect our work schedule.

End your workday

As we have said, by not having to leave the office to return home, we unconsciously extend our working time, and although we think that we are taking advantage to solve problems, deep down we are doing the opposite. Look for an hour of “closing “, work will be waiting for you tomorrow and you will see everything in a less tired way.

Avoid social networks

Social networks are another temptation when we work from home and that are at our fingertips at any time, but this can reduce our productivity. As sometimes with the willpower is not enough, there are options on your mobile device or on your computer to block the entrance to these social networks during your workday that will help you not to fall into the trap.

Take a rest

Getting distracted by social networks, series or errands, like working tirelessly, without allowing yourself a break is not a good thing. Both situations affect your performance and will make you lengthen your workday without need. Give yourself small breaks and take the opportunity to get away from the computer and clear yourself. In this way, time will pass faster, but you will also be more productive.

Set schedules

When we work from home we live surrounded by temptations, stay longer in bed, extend breakfast or watch a series during work hours. Therefore, to avoid falling into these traps, we must create a professional routine, always getting up at the same time and establishing clear schedules that we must respect.

Make social life away from home

Being all the time in the “office” your social life is reduced. Therefore, it is essential to leave home, change airs, and thus separate work and leisure time. Stay with friends, disconnect and forget your mobile and work for a while, it will be good not only for your performance but also for your health.