The Brand and Brand positioning in SMEs

A long time ago, we can even speak of decades, when SMEs ceased to be a small company outside the corporate management strategies that large companies and multinationals have always had.

When creating, defining, maintaining, directing, and growing a small business, we employ the same concepts and tools that large corporations use.

For this reason, the brand concept, its creation and its positioning are increasingly important in SMEs.

But what is the brand?

The brand is any commercial identification with which a product or service is offered and recognized in the market. And when we speak of “anyone” we do so in the full extension of the word.

We are at a time when even the names of athletes, their nicknames, initials, etc., are trademarks .

But how do I create a brand?

It is common to confuse the brand with a mere logo. This is part of it, but it is not the only thing. Obviously a strong and sonorous name and an elaborate and original logo help the brand recognition within the market, which is still its objective. However, branding is much more than that.

Possibly the product or service we offer is the best support of the brand. It doesn’t matter about all the investment in marketing, design and advertising that we make if then our product does not meet expectations. The market and the consumer will be the last judges of the success of our brand.

Customer service, after-sales service, continuous image care, product improvement … are issues that are part of the creation of the brand.

This is a continuous process, that is, we should not see the creation of a brand as a one-off expense, but as an investment that extends throughout the life of the company.

Brand positioning

Well, I have my brand, my logo, well backed by a quality product and after-sales service, good customer service … What else can I do?

Brand positioning is a set of strategies that include the above and many more. The positioning seeks a differentiation for the customer with the rest of the competitors. It is closely related to the social and technological moment of the moment.

Brand and networks

For example, today we cannot imagine brand positioning without positioning on networks. This is having a prominent place in internet search engines, a good social media presence strategy and, of course, a good web portal.

The image and social responsibility

On the other hand, it is increasingly important to make our target client see that the company is aware of the new trends and demands regarding social and environmental responsibility with which it is sensitive.

Not only our attitude or actions related to these sensitivities, which can be reflected in support of public or private campaigns in favor of them, form this image that will be associated with our brand.

Alliances with other companies with the same coherence as us and even the media in which we have an advertising presence (even the programs in which it has such a presence) influence the social image we give abroad.

In short, the work of creating an image, that our brand is an important asset of the company is a continuous process over time that must be agile and able to adapt to the moment.