The company of the future – Caring Company

Digitalisation may scare many workers, but futurologists say the future world of work will become a “dream for employees”.

Although many jobs can be done by computers, this does not mean that there will be more unemployed in the future: in the next few years, the generation of “baby boomers” (people born in the 1940s and 70s) will leave the labour market and despite immigration and digitization, leaving 2-3 million open jobs. There will be a so-called labour shortage.

Caring Company – embrace your employees in your company of the future

In the future, companies will have to fight to keep employees. And a relatively new concept is very interesting: Caring Company – a company that embraces its employees so much that they no longer want to leave it. Google’s stories are familiar with sofa lounges, coffee bars, table tennis and cooking classes, as well as companies with integrated childcare. There will be more of that in the future.

But companies can also start somewhere else: more and more chefs are trying out the 4-day work week and are thrilled. Above all, creative employees can benefit from it.

A strong cohesion between colleagues is also not to be underestimated: even a cozy and inviting kitchen in the office, in which the employees can get together, helps to create a good atmosphere. Out-of-the-team team events and team building events also help to bring together the employees of a company. And who likes his colleagues, likes to go to work.

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