The truth about the cloud

The cloud is a new storage method that has arrived and is here to stay. However, like any novelty, it is possible that there are doubts about its operation, or that we have heard rumors that are not true. Therefore, to introduce you to this new coworker and facilitate its use we will end these common myths.

The most affordable option

Although you have heard out there that the cloud is less affordable than the local solution, it is not true in all cases, in fact, it is cheaper.

In most cases, the cloud carries less costs than a local solution, since it is not necessary to have physical space or infrastructure for it. In this way, the cloud is the system for those companies that begin their digital transformation gradually thanks to its flexibility. Initially the cloud will always be more affordable, although this cost will increase as the needs of the companies grow but never as a local format.

The cloud the safest way

Both local solutions and the cloud are perfectly safe ways. Moreover, providers often include new measures to strengthen data security and privacy, facilitate compliance with standards and design contingency plans for logical security emergencies.

The stored data is private

In this case, what is public is the access network to that data, but the data stored in the cloud is totally private. What’s more, cloud services have strong privacy and security controls as part of their business model.

Always with the control of your data

It is normal that we feel distrust when storing our private data, since these will be available to the service provider (in an encrypted way). However, we must not have any kind of objection, since there is great professional ethics and transparency in the actions carried out in the cloud. All processes are regulated.

It can be perfectly integrated with other systems

There are many tools at our disposal to integrate data securely either via API or other mechanisms, in addition to systems or programs, which will allow you to easily use the cloud and plan long-term growth.