Tips and tricks to combine work and family life

In these difficult times, it is all the more important to get work and family life under one roof. For those of us who can work from home, it is important to maintain a structured everyday life.

Flexible working hours

Many employers already offer their employees flexible working hours so that parents can decide when they can work. So you can talk to your partner, start one day later and stay in the office another day longer.

Home office with children

Set up fixed times, but give yourself plenty of time for everything. Better plan more time and deal with it so that you do not have enough time for the things you have planned.

Things that cannot be done with children can be worked off during the afternoon nap or in the evening. And of course you can take turns with your partner.

Schoolchildren can do their homework while their parents are working, and smaller children can be engaged in painting, crafting, and other games, while the adults can do a few chores.

Raise children to be independent

Involve your children in as many tasks as possible. Cleaning up, cooking food, laying the table and putting clothes in the closets are just a few tasks that the little ones can do – or at least you can help.

Communication is the be-all and end-all

Regardless of whether with or without children: employees who work from home must make sure that communication with colleagues and superiors is not interrupted. Always be available during your working hours and never switch off your cell phone or computer – even if you are doing something else.

Lockable office

If possible, you should lock your office after work. To avoid the danger that little fingers create chaos with your documents.