Tips on how to improve your concentration at work

Tips on how to concentrate at work

Pressure can be a good thing and deadlines are a necessity. Even if we would like it to be different, if we are honest, we need to be ready at a certain point in time to get our jobs done.   
Because if there is no deadline, you can still continue to work on this one task, make it a little better or add a little bit. However, this pressure must not turn into stress.                         
After a stressful period, a more relaxed working environment must be possible in order to be inspired and thus to be able to develop new ideas.

Here are 6 tips to improve concentration at the workplace and thus create a more effective working environment:                                     

1. Make a plan and don’t get distracted – also, include time in your plan for unforeseen tasks – leaving meaningful gaps allows you time to cope with work that may hit your desk and needs to be actioned straight away.

2. Take lots of small breaks, getting up and moving around especially away from your screen does help and remember to drink plenty of water.

3. Please do not multi-task – easier said than done however, tackling one task and completing it releases space in your mind to concentrate on the next task instead of parking it and then re-visiting.

4. Eat the right food for you, for some of us a ‘carb crash’ after lunch is an everyday occurrence, making you tired and affecting your energy levels. Try changing to a protein based lunch, you’ll be surprised at the results!

5. Clean up your workplace—not just your desk, but also those files on your desk. A cluttered workplace is not a good working environment, create some space.

6. Unpopular tasks should be done first, we’ve all done it, putting off that task as you know it’s going to be a difficult one. Set yourself a specific day/period for it, and get it out of the way, you know you’re going to feel some much better once it’s completed.

And do you know what’s great about these 6 tips? They can be applied anywhere not just at work. Start using them today!