What makes a software user friendly?

The ease of use of a website or software describes that users can operate the technical system easily and intuitively. The navigation through the program should of course be structured. In short, the easier and faster the user understands the application, the more user-friendly it is.

A bad usability leads to negative experiences with the user, so this website/software will be avoided in the future. On the other hand, good usability improves work efficiency, and thus reduces costs.

What makes a software user friendly?


The interaction of the user with the system should be self-explanatory and self-evident. A high level of user-friendliness avoids long training phases with the system. With just a few clicks users want to be able to operate the system without long instructions and manuals. Digitalisation in particular is making more and more small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) use online solutions that are intuitive to use. Most cloud solutions offer a free trial, allowing potential buyers to try out the product’s functionality and operation in a short time. Intuitive software can be used to generate interest in this test phase.


A good software should adapt flexibly to the user and changing requirements, ie a user-friendly solution must constantly evolve. Today, more and more innovative ideas such as machine learning, big data and cloud computing are being used to drive the automation of processes and thus make the work easier for the user.


Users have different wishes, requirements and needs. To fulfill this, the software should be customizable and extensible. The user should be able to adapt the application to their needs. The platform should be able to be customized and tailored to users in order to provide as many individual settings as possible. This flexibility allows users to respond quickly to changing needs.


Even with a high degree of user-friendliness, there are always questions and problems when using the software. Since it is necessary to provide a good support, so help can be offered quickly and easily. Today’s support can be accessed through multiple channels, including phone calls, emails, chats, video conferencing, meetings, etc. This leads to quick and personalized problem resolution.

Reviso – a user-friendly software

Reviso is a cloud accounting software and stands for close collaboration between SMEs and their accountant/tax advisor. Accounting and invoicing in the cloud offers users more flexibility and mobility. Through a clearly structured and intuitive user interface, users can access their company’s accounting from any Internet-enabled device. Customer needs can be addressed as Reviso Support helps users with the setup and individually activates features and modules when needed. In order to be able to use Reviso as independently as possible, interactive and innovative technologies are used to keep the books fast and easy.

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