Why social media is also important for your business

Social media is already part of everyday life for private individuals. But even small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), freelancers and the self-employed should focus more on marketing via social networks. Since most potential customers spend many hours each day on the Internet and on social networks, the same platforms also offer themselves in order to attract attention and present themselves. As a company, whether large companies or small startups, a large reach is of immense importance to attract as many potential customers as possible, to retain existing customers and to sell the products and services offered.

In order to spread news or to be reachable for the customer, social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, are available. Social media includes a variety of media in which opinions and experiences are exchanged, such as blogs, forums , information or rating portals. These are also suitable for image cultivation, employee communication, customer service and customer loyalty. Through the different channels you can interact with the customers more personally and interactively. Sharing with customers – whether questions, praise or otherwise – provides a great opportunity to publicly present and analyze market needs. This allows us to respond quickly to customer feedback that can be used to optimize products / services and processes.

Viral effect

In addition, social media is a simple distribution tool. By liking, sharing, commenting and rating, posts are seen by more and more people, as in a pyramid scheme. Enthusiastic customers will share and recommend your products, and the shared content will automatically propagate.

Cost-effective marketing

Through the Internet, companies have a cost effective and efficient way to improve the reach and targeted advertising to specific customer groups. The costs for campaigns are relatively low. While you need to buy expensive keywords in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing at Google Adwords and often have no chance against big competitors due to limited financial capacity, social media campaigns can help you find organic search engines ( social SEO ) increase and quickly get hundreds of new followers. And best of allyou can get new posts at no cost and these are seen by your followers without any switched marketing campaigns.

Measurability and scalability

With modern evaluation tools you can see exactly how successful your social media marketing is, ie it can be evaluated in detail, how many users have seen, clicked on and responded to the posts and also how much you spent on campaigns. This will allow you to optimize your achievements to best target your target audience at a minimal cost.


Social media can help you find potential employees. Through LinkedIn and Xing, but also Facebook & Co., you can specifically and cost-effectively seek applicants. Through authentic social media channels, you show candidates that you are a contemporary employer.

So what should you look for when using social media for your business?

  • Create an account for your business and do not use your private profile. This can quickly seem unprofessional.
  • You should post regularly . Customers should not feel “full”. However, active and regular communication is important.
  • Not only regular, but also high-quality contributions should be created, which generate an added value for the readers.
  • Stay authentic with a recurring tone / pattern / design. You do not necessarily have to remain formal.
  • Stay true to yourself and present yourself and your team at work. This gives the customer a picture of you that strengthens your personal relationship and trust .
  • Sometimes a picture says more than a thousand words. Sometimes use pictures, videos, blogs or websites with your posts and limit yourself to the essentials. Today’s users do not have time to read page-long posts.
  • Many followers do not see your posts on the PC, but on your smartphone. Optimize the posts so for mobile devices , eg through mobile websites and short videos.
  • Be patient! A lot can be achieved with a smart social media strategy. But do not expect that through a Facebook account, the sales suddenly suddenly multiply overnight.
  • Do not post too much advertising about yourself. The customer should not feel that every post revolves around the sale of your service / product.
  • Always stay friendly and objective . Arguing publicly with customers can quickly lead to a shitstorm.
  • Respond quickly to messages and comments from your followers. This will create discussion that will make your posts more common. It also speaks for your customer care, if you respond quickly and competently.

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