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Departments enable you distribute your expenses throughout your business. This can be used to analyse sales and costs for different segments of your business or minor projects. A Distribution Key can also be created allowing you to proportion a regular invoice by Department.

The module can be found within the various additional modules, once activated this module can also be used to break down your budgets by Department.

The process

Activate via the main Settings menu and Add-on modules. Create your Departments by number and name. Distribition Keys can also be created by entering the % allocated to each Department for regular invoices/charges such as rent, insurance etc. 

Reporting on Departments

You can run reports by Departments, for example the Profit & Loss Account giving you complete overview of how each segment of your business is performing. 

Let's get started

You can activate the Departments add-on module from within in your Reviso agreement. If you have any questions you can go to our Department help section or cantact support at

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