Meetup at Reviso: The journey from in-house to Azure

As part of the “Show me your architecture” meetups Reviso is hosting and presenting our journey from in-house hosting to Azure. Come join the session and learn how and why we ended up in Azure and why we are consolidating our platform in Azure.

Migrating a legacy application to Azure to build software like it’s 2017

Reviso is an international SaaS accounting platform for SME and their accountants. Reviso is a fork of e-conomic and a small part of the codebase still dates back to the start of the century. The architecure has grown and evolved over the years and has a mixed core stack with both classic asp and .NET all running in Azure with a backing Azure SQL as main storage. Some parts has been moved to micro services (mainly node.js) and a service bus (RabbitMQ). This talk summarizes our journey from in-house hosting (with an accompanying operations team) to full cloud platform with plenty of integrations and developers running the entire show (living the DevOps dream) with full CI/CD.


  • The architecture and platform we inherited and the frame for the initial transformation
  • Where we ended up, why and what we learned (architecture, platform and technology)
  • Challenges (completed and pending)
  • What is in the future
  • Q&A and discussion

Practical information

When: 4th of December at 17:00-20:00
Where: At Reviso, Ewaldsgade 3, 2200 Copenhagen N
How: Sign up for the event on

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