We are closing down the SOAP API

In the field of software, technology goes very fast and in Reviso we have continuously improved and developed our system with the latest technology. For some years now we have had our old SOAP API and the newer REST API running. We have not developed on the SOAP API for several years and for the past 2 years it has not been possible to add new agreements to the SOAP API.

We have therefore decided to close our SOAP API by the end of June 2020.
At the same time we also close our old user interface (old Reviso version). We are in the process of informing customers with the old interface about the transition to our new interface.

If you have running SOAP API integrations with Reviso – we encourage you to upgrade to the REST API and if necessary, engage with your customers on the transition to the new Reviso interface and REST API
If you have questions about the REST API you can learn more on
https://www.reviso.com/developer or you can reach us at api@reviso.com.