Choosing your API

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At Reviso we currently offer two APIs, one SOAP and one REST.

Our REST API is the recommended API for new application developers. It's not currently feature-complete or fully documented, but we're working hard on improving this.

Our 'old' API is SOAP-based and is pretty solid and used in production by many of our app partners. However, the SOAP API is not being further developed. We still offer technical support on it, but the long-term goal is to deprecate it and help all partners with the transition to the REST API.

Depending on your application and the data or features you need to access, you can choose either of the APIs. We strongly recommend that you give our REST API a spin first. It's going to be faster and more fully documented than our SOAP API. If the REST API doesn't offer what you need right now, you can naturally rely on the older SOAP methods.

The choice is yours.