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Design and layout

As part of the default setup within your Reviso agreement you have a template collection which houses the layout for your invoices, credit notes, quotations, order confirmations, etc.

These have been pre-designed for you so that you may start invoicing straight away.

You can modify these layouts to include your company logo, make changes to the columns and descriptions, and generally tailor the layout to suit your business.

Design and layout is listed on the left-hand menu in the "Sales" tab.

Before you start editing your layout, you can take a look at the different options that you have and learn how to use them:

The layout of your Reviso documents is built in 2 layers:

Layer 1 "Letterheads", is where you place the information that will be repeated throughout every page in your document - e.g. your logo and company information. Layer 1 is also where you edit the header and footer.

Layer 2 "Template Collections", is where you enter specific information for the document - e.g. invoice number, due date, etc.

Pictures In addition to the 2 layers, there is also an "Image archive" where you can upload images - such as your logo - and place them on your Reviso documents.

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