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A successful import will save you much time, but it is important that the data is configured correctly beforehand. Data can be imported for suppliers, customers, products, budget figures and day books. To be imported, data must be configured correctly in Excel or other software that enables you to save in comma delimited (csv) format.

In order to import data from e.g., other accounting software or Excel, please read this description thoroughly:

Details about importing specific data

Type of Importation - Customers
Importing customer names and addressesImport of Customers
Importing customer contact detailsImport of Contact Persons
Type of Importation - Suppliers
Importing supplier names and addressesImport of Suppliers
Importing supplier contact detailsImport of Contact Persons
Type of Importation - Products
How to import your product listProduct lists
Import of product currency prices Import of product currency prices
Import of special prices - Price list/group (in Stock management module)Import special prices
Type of Importation - Accounts
Create your own default setup by importing your own COA'sImport your own Chart of Accounts
Import your budgets direct from excelBudgets
Type of Importation - Entries
Download and import your bank statements or credit cardsBank Statements
Import your Opening/Closing trial balance Import open/close balances
Import bank transactions as Journal entriesImport journal entries
Import sales transactionsImporting manual customer invoices
Import customer receiptsImporting customer payments
Import supplier invoicesImport supplier invoices
Import supplier paymentsImport supplier payments
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