Archive of Invoices

All invoices that were booked and sent from Reviso will be stored inside the platform. You will find all the invoices issued to your customers under Sales > Archive > Archive.

archive of invoices

Use the search filters to find the invoices you need. If you change the Type search field, you can find quotations, orders, or reminders.

List of invoices matching the search will be displayed on the screen.

The list of invoices includes a few icons to make your experience more efficient and faster. Check the boxes on the left to open invoices you need.

The icons on the right enable you to send the invoice, make a copy of it or make a credit note. 

archive options and icons

 Download your invoices

If you want to download more invoices at the same time, you will have to select all your invoices (or the ones you want to download) by checking the box that appears on the left side of each invoice.

Click on Other options > Show selected. You will be presented with a PDF file with all the invoices you selected. You are free to save the PDF file on your computer.

Another option, once you have marked your invoices, is to click on  Other options > Send. You will receive the PDF file to your e-mail address. 

archive options in reviso

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Updated on October 17, 2017

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