How Shall I Create a New User?

Reviso offers a multi-user accounting application, which allows more than one user to use the application at the same time.

It is necessary to register additional users if you want to provide them with an access to Reviso and be enabled to work simultaneously. If your users do not have their own access, you could always share the access data.

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Types of users

When you subscribe for Reviso, your subscription is created for a superuser.

The superuser is the one, who has access to all the features of Reviso. Additionally, the superuser manages access of additional users when necessary.

To check your users go to Settings > All settings > Subscription > Users.

users screenshot

Creating an additional user

Once you enter the user information, click on the New user. Here you can create an additional access for other users by filling in the necessary information regarding the new user.

new user

You can also set limits to the additional users of Reviso. To state an example, you can only provide access to sales and invoices, and at the same time not allow any access to accounting or reporting. All of that you can set up through the Access tab.

save the new user

Once you entered all the necessary information, click on Save and your new user will be created. He / She will automatically receive an e-mail with all the access information. 

Remember that each additional user adds an extra cost of £ 7.50 per month. Reviso will show you a warning message about this cost at the time of saving the additional user. You will be always informed.

Removing an additional user

Only the Superuser can delete any additional user in the company.

To remove an additional user, go to your user list and click on the Delete (Del) icon on the right side.

eliminating users


When confirming the user’s removal from the list of users, a date of cancellation will appear next to the eliminated user.

cancel date


The date shown is the last day, when the user can access Reviso. The user will no longer have access to Reviso and he will not add any costs to your subscription from that date.

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Updated on September 22, 2020

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