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How to complete and file your VAT Return

Within Reviso you can check your VAT liability at anytime by entering the date parameters, select the VAT scheme from the dropdown, ticking ‘Include non booked entries’ this includes any entries that you have created but yet to book/post to the system. Once you are ready to file your VAT Return with HMRC you will need to make sure all entries are booked as only booked entries can be included with your submission.

By leaving the box ‘Exclude non reported entries from previous periods’ unticked, this will automatically include any entries that you process after you’ve submitted your last return and ‘Marked as reported’.

Once you have checked your VAT Return and we strongly recommend you check the amount payable or refundable against the amount in the VAT control account within your Balance sheet for the same period as these figures should agree.

When you’re ready to submit run your VAT Return and DON’T tick the box ‘include non booked entries’ (as only booked/posted entries can be submitted)

If your VAT Return has asterisks prefixing the amount this means that the figures include entries from previous periods that have not been reported, so entries posted after the date of your previous submitted return.

You can click on these amounts to reveal the items making up each box showing the earliest entry at the top, these can then be checked….

When ready click on ‘Mark as Reported’…

The popup box will appear, asking you to confirm if you want to ‘Mark the statement as reported’ which will place a reconciliation flag against each of the transactions and if you would also like to submit to HMRC, (you can untick this box and do this at a later stage should you so wish).

If you have ticked ‘Send to HMRC’ this box will appear, enter your Gateway User ID and password and click Send…

Confirmation will then appear on your screen that the submission has been successful, a copy of these details are held within the menu option VAT > Archive > HMRC Archive. Here you will see the submission date, time, the period the VAT Return covers, the status and to the far right click on the box to see the confirmation reference number generated by HMRC, an email will also be generated by HMRC and sent to the email address held by them against the Gateway details.

Updated on August 19, 2020

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