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How to Create Products and Services

In order to issue invoices, quotations or orders in Reviso, you must create your list of products and/or services. Each product is then linked to a product group, where all accounting information as well as the applicable VAT rates regarding the products/services of that group, is registered.

Please click on product groups to learn how to set these operations as well as the applicable VAT.

How to create a product or service?

Check the following video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

To create a new product or service, go to Sales > Products > Products. Here you can find the list of your products and services

create product or service

  1. Click on the New product.
  2. Fill in the information regarding your product or service. Only blanks marked with asterisks are required.
  3. Define an adequate product group according to the type of VAT applicable the product or service when invoiced.
  4. After completing the necessary information, click on Save.

create a product

Whenever you need to create a new product, service, or make any changes regarding the existing ones, please enter Products again.

Contact us if you have any questions further questions. We will be happy to help you.

Updated on September 22, 2020

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