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How to create Supplier Payments?

Once you have registered your supplier invoices, it is time to keep an eye on the payments.

Have a look at the following video on our Reviso You-Tube channel.

To register a supplier payment, go to Payments > Payments.

It is important to know that in order to be able to enter payments, you must first enter at least one bank account. Once your bank accounts are set up, you can begin to enter the records.

How to process supplier payments?

Once you access Payments you must first select the bank account you wish to work in, so click on the Bank Account drop down and select the correct bank account as you cannot change this once you start entering transactions.

On the top right side of the screen, you can select the bank account as well as the accounting year to work with. 

select bank account when saving a supplier

Once the bank account has been selected, click on the option New payment

information about the supplier payment

In the first drop-down menu, select Supplier payment and then fill in the date of payment.

Once you have selected the supplier, you can select the invoice/invoices relating to the payment. Click on the box within Invoice you are then provided with a list of all the pending invoices of the chosen supplier. Make your selection from the outstanding invoices listed by clicking on the icon far right ‘Match with full amount’ this will enter the full amount of the invoice in the box. The amount will appear in the box prefixed with a – (minus). 

If you prefer to make a partial payment, you will have to fill in the amount manually. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHEN ENTERING THE AMOUNT MANUALLY THE AMOUNT MUST BE PREFIXED WITH A – (MINUS).

match selected

Once you fill in the amount, click on the option that appears at the top of the list stating Match selected. The invoice list screen will be closed and you will see the payment record again with all the amounts already filled in.

You can add additional information to the Text field should you need to. 

You will also find the option to Add document on the right side of your screen, in case you want to link it with a receipt.

Once you’ve completed all the necessary information or at least the obligatory ones, click on Save. Your supplier payment is now registered and saved and can then be booked/posted to the system. Prior to booking the entry can be edited at any time. 

You can preview draft entries within any relevant reports by running the report and ticking the box ‘Include non-booked entries’ this shows the impact of all draft entries prior to booking.

Updated on August 20, 2020

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