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How to Use the Add-on Module for Advisers / Accountants

Reviso offers invoicing, accounting and taxation in the cloud, which may be accessible to multiple users. Reviso add-on module for additional administrators such as advisers or accountants facilitates management of multiple companies.

This module is free of charge and increases the adviser’s flexibility since he/she can manage multiple companies.

If you are an adviser and you use Reviso as a consultancy, you can also benefit from other advantages. One of them is to appear on our list of advisers.

This allows potential customers, who work with Reviso to contact you when they seek the help of an accountant, so you can work together with Reviso in a collaborative way.

What does it mean to work collaboratively?

Reviso, being a program in the cloud, allows you to work collaboratively with customers living in the United Kingdom, but also the rest of the world.

Advisers and customers do not need to be physically present, they both can access data of the company at any time, each with its own access information. 

collaborative work


The customer logs in to Reviso with his / her password and uses Reviso for invoicing and as an overview of expenses and income of his / her company.  

The accountant benefits from this module since accounting of these invoices is generated automatically.

It is the accountant’s responsibility to check that all the data is correct and the more complex accounting tasks such as submitting taxes at the Registry or Tax Agency are taken care of. 

This is just an example of collaborative work. Finally, the adviser and customer decide, who is responsible for the various tasks relating to the specifications of the company.

It is even possible to limit customer’s access to only a few specific tabs. To state an example, if the customer is only in charge of invoicing, he/she will be enabled to access only Sales and the rest is managed by the accountant/adviser/bookkeeper. 

However, both administrators have an overview of everything happening in the business, since they can access reports at any time.

Please contact us, if you have any further questions. We will be happy to help you.

Updated on September 23, 2020

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