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How to Use the Fixed Assets Add-on Module

Reviso fixed assets add-on module enables you to create, manage and depreciate your company’s fixed assets.

When you add an asset to your list, you have to define some additional information, so that the automatic depreciation can be created in relation to your specifications. To state an example, you must define the start date of depreciation or the amount to be depreciated.

Once you define an asset, you will find an option, where you can create your depreciation entries automatically. You can depreciate for a variable time depending on your preferences e.g. months, quarters, years, etc.

The module provides you with a report of fixed assets, which will show you a summary of your assets with all the necessary information such as date of purchase, depreciated amount, book value, etc.

How much does the fixed asset module cost?

This add-on module costs additional £5 per month. It is disabled by default, so in case you wish to activate it, please do so as indicated below. 

If you want to try this feature before purchasing it, you can do so by contacting us and we will enable a trial version for you.

How to activate the add-on module of fixed assets?

The subscription module can be activated by accessing Settings > All settings > Subscription > Additional modules.

Find Fixed assets in the list of add-on modules and click on the Edit icon on the right side of your screen, then check Access and click on Save.

Updated on September 23, 2020

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