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How to Use the Subscription Add-on Module

The subscription add-on module enables you to create invoices in just a few clicks.

You can invoice a product or service at specific intervals, for example, annual membership fees, qtrly office rent, web services etc. There are no limits to the type or number of subscriptions, and one customer can hold several subscriptions.

It is possible to create various subscriptions and link them with a list of customers, products or services.

Example: Imagine that we are a company offering office rentals, premises etc.

We could offer a subscription called “Office Rental” and within this subscription, we would entail another service e.g. “Monthly Utility charge”, which would be the service charge within the invoice.

In addition, we would interlink the subscription with all our customers of office rent while being able to register the differences in prices, if necessary. 

Then we can create all our invoices at once with only 3 clicks while saving a lot of time since we will not have to create our invoices one by one.

How much does the subscriptions module cost?

This add-on module costs additional £5 per month. It is disabled by default, so in case you wish to activate it, please do so as indicated below. 

If you want to try this feature before purchasing it, you can do so by contacting us and we will enable a trial version for you.

How to activate the subscription module?

The subscription module can be activated by accessing Settings > All settings > Subscription > Additional modules.

Find Subscription in the list of add-on modules and click on the Edit icon on the right side of your screen, then check Access and click on Save.

Updated on September 23, 2020

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