Interface of Reviso

When you access Reviso, you will find several options and navigation menus, each one of the menus will take you to the corresponding module.

In the standard version of Reviso you will find the following tabs:

  • Home: In this tab, you will find the control panel of Reviso, where you can see ratios and indicators based on your business information. You are free to set up the most relevant indicators that you want to be displayed in your control panel.
  • Documents: In Reviso you can store documents without any limitation. Attach all your invoices and receipts. Additionally, you can create new folders and store other documents that are relevant for your company.
  • Sales: In this tab, you will have all the functions regarding your invoicing such as a list of customers, list of products and services, orders, invoices, a file of issued invoices, design of your invoice templates, etc.
  • Suppliers: This tab provides you with all the necessary tools that help you to keep track of the company’s expenses such as a list of suppliers, introduction to expenses, linking invoices, etc.
  • Finance: Here you can find records of the rest of the accounting such as journal entries and payroll journal.
  • Payments: Manage all your bank accounts and have a control over the payments. Just enter your bank statement and use the bank reconciliation function to verify that all your transactions have been correctly registered.
  • Reports: All data that has been entered will be reflected in the reports. The reports are available in a form of balance sheets, profit and loss report, sales and purchasing statistics, remaining debts and credits, etc.
  • VAT: Within the reports, you can find the VAT sub-tab. VAT codes for domestic sales and purchase transactions have been created for you in a default setup along with EU goods, sales and purchases. However, if you need to create new VAT codes, you have to understand how these work.

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Updated on September 23, 2020

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