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Login with TeamSystem ID

Reviso is an application that is part of the TeamSystem group. Within TeamSystem, we have a multitude of applications for different companies and sectors.

Signing in with the new TeamSystem ID gives you a new, more secure way to access Reviso.

What is the TeamSystem ID?

The TeamSystem ID is the new way to access Reviso in a more secure way and with a single access. Each user can access any TeamSystem application, or any of their contracts in Reviso, always with the same access codes, which are an email and a password.

In this way, the user will not have to remember different keys and passwords for each program or contract, but with a single access they will be able to use all their accounts.

To this end, the first time the user accesses a TeamSystem application, Reviso in this case, they must insert their current credentials to register as a new user in the TeamSystem ID and, from that moment, they will always have to use the new access TeamSystem ID created to enter the application.

How to create the TeamSystem ID?

The creation of the unique TeamSystem account is done from the page https://myprofile.teamsystem.com/  by clicking the Sign up button.

It can be accessed from the previous link or, also, from the login page of Reviso.

From the MyProfile page, https://myprofile.teamsystem.com/ the following operations can be performed:

  1. New TeamSystem ID account registration.
  2. Access Reviso with your existing TeamSystem ID account.
  3. Password recovery.

New TeamSystem ID account registration

Clicking on the Sign up button the user is directed to a page where it is possible to register the new TeamSystem ID account by inserting the required data in the form:

  • Name 
  • Surname 
  • E-mail address 
  • Email confirmation : it must be exactly the same as the “Email address” field.
  • Password : must have a minimum length of 8 characters and must contain at least one lowercase letter [az], one uppercase letter [AZ], one number [0-9] and one special character [! @ # £%? Ç $% ^ & *) (+ = ._-].
  • Password confirmation : it must be exactly the same as the “Password” field.

After having inserted the required data and having confirmed the acceptance of the privacy policy, the user, by clicking on the Sign up button, proceeds to the creation of their TeamSytem ID .

Next, you are redirected to a page where you must confirm your email to complete the registration, using an activation code that you will receive via email.

By inserting the correct code and clicking Continue, the user will be directed to a screen for the final confirmation of the account creation process, from which they can automatically access the program using the Sign in button.

This registration procedure can be carried out by any user who has access to Reviso, thus registering their email and configuring their own access with the TeamSystem ID.

Access to Reviso with the TeamSystem ID

Once the TeamSystem ID has been obtained from the Reviso home page, it can be accessed directly using the TeamSystem ID by simply clicking on the TeamSystem ID button and inserting the data used in the new account registration (email and password).

Enter your email address followed by the password

Once you have logged in with the TeamSystem ID, the association of your contracts to the TeamSystem ID used will be requested. By clicking on the “Connect an existing contract” option, the old Reviso login page will be displayed again. It will be enough to indicate the contract number, the user and the password to associate the contract (company) with the TeamSystem ID.

Once the data has been entered and pressing the login button, the following message should be displayed.

This process can be repeated by all users who access the same Reviso contract, each using the TeamSystem ID that they received during the registration of their account in MyProfile.

Updated on September 9, 2020

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