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Manual Invoices: Enter Information about already Issued Invoices

Reviso is an accounting and invoicing application, but your company might only need only invoicing or accounting function of the application.

If you use Reviso only as an accounting platform and you do not create or send any invoices to customers, Reviso then does not automatically create accounting entries. However, you will need to enter those records.

You can watch one of our video presentations below. However, we recommend you to attend a live session since you can ask questions at all times and the functions of the program will become clearer.

How to enter information about already issued invoices?

In order to create entries of already issued invoices, go to Manual invoices, which you can find under Sales > Manual invoices > Manual invoices.

Click on New entry and enter all the information you want to register. You can also attach a file to the accounting entry, so the invoice is linked to a concrete document.

enter issued invoice in reviso

Select the customer from your list of customers (or create it on the fly), enter the invoice number, the date of the invoice and the full amount.

Subsequently, add the appropriate account and select the VAT code that has been previously applied to that invoice.

If the invoice had two different VAT’s, you would have to add a second accounting line to enter the part of the invoice that would have a different VAT. Here is an example of an entry with two VAT codes.

entry with two VAT codes

Once you enter all the necessary data, click on Save and the entry will be registered.

Contact us if you have any questions further questions. We will be happy to help you.

Updated on November 6, 2017

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