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New menu to access functions

Thanks to the new menu you can make better use of the screen space and focus on the invoices or accounting records that you are recording.

Below explains the highlighted areas

New menu options effective 16.02.21

Compared to the first beta version released last year, the navigation between functions has been improved and their identification in the menu list has been made easier.

With the button in the upper left corner you can choose whether you want to always have the menu items in the foreground visible or hidden. By hovering the mouse over the icons in the left bar you will see at a glance all the functions available for the highlighted area, both the 1st level options (e.g. quotations, orders) and the 2nd level (e.g. groups of clients, client configuration,…).

It is still possible to continue using the old menu with the functions located on the horizontal bar, but if you want to configure the new menu, go to All settings> Interface type> Vertical menu and change the way you use your accounting software, however, this new menu with the vertical listing will become the only layout available as of February 16, 2021.

Updated on February 11, 2021

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