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Reviso for Google Sheets

As a Reviso Superuser or user you have free access to a Google Sheets add-on called Reviso for Google sheets and Accounting Categories will need to be activated. If you don’t currently have this functionality please contact support at help@www.reviso.com and we can activate this for you.

With the add-on, you can import lists of data into your Google Sheets spreadsheets, and you can use our custom formula to import specific numbers directly into your spreadsheet. This gives you powerful reporting abilities.

The Google Sheets add-on is currently only available in English.

How to install the add-on

Either click this link: Reviso sheets and install, or if inside a Google Sheet, go to Add-ons in the top menu and choose Get Add-ons. Search for Reviso. When installed “Reviso for Google Sheets” should show up in the Add-ons menu as seen here:

reviso for google sheets

How to connect your spreadsheet to your Reviso Account

Reviso in Sheets uses the secure token access that we use for our REST API. This means that your data is transferred securely from Reviso to your sheets.

In the Reviso for Google Sheets menu the first item is “Connect Reviso account”.

connect reviso account to google sheets

This will open a new tab in your browser with a secure login for Reviso.

Reviso pop up to enter token for google sheet

app integration google sheets in reviso

Login with the agreement number and user detail for the agreement that you want to access from your spreadsheet and you will be shown a token which grants the specific spreadsheet to the specific Reviso Agreement.

access granted to google sheets

Copy the token and go back to your spreadsheet and paste it in the “Enter the generate token” field and press Connect.

You will get a message like this when the successful link has been made:

sheet successfully linked to reviso

You are now ready to use the Add-on.

The link between spreadsheet and Reviso is secure, but for further security, you will have to manage access to your Google Sheet with the Reviso data access. This is done through the Share button at the top right inside the Google Sheet. Press the Share button and click advanced to see a list of, and possibly edit, who has access to your spreadsheet.

Updated on November 14, 2017

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