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Shall I Save or Book my Entries?

You might notice that there are two different options to save an entry.

Save or book buttons

We are going to explain you the difference between the Save and Book options since it is important to know when to use either one.

Please have a look at the following video on our YouTube channel.

Creating a Draft entry/invoice

If we select the option Save, we save the entry or invoice, but it is still possible to modify the information. By saving the entry a draft is created but not booked. You can view the impact of draft entries when running reports, Simply click the ‘Include non booked entries’ and these will then show in the selected report. 

We could say that it is a temporary storage since these entries can be edited or eliminated at any time. 

We recommend you to rather use the Save button by default, since you may want to make corrections at a later stage. 

Even though the entries are saved and not counted, you can still see them within the reports, so you will not lose any of these functions.

In your reports, you will find the option to Include non-booked entries. Just tick the box and you will access all the information you need.
include non-booked entry

Booking an entry/invoice

If you book an entry, you save it without the possibility to modify the details of that entry at a later stage.

Entries/Invoices that are booked can not be edited or deleted, which is why we do not recommend to book entries or invoices until you are convinced that all the details are correct.

If an entry is booked and subsequently needs to be modified, it is not a serious problem, since we can reverse that entry and then create a new one. 

Reversing means creating the same entry but with the opposite balances, which will correct the error in the final balance.

You can also check our article on how to reverse booked entries

In Reviso we recommend you to book your entries periodically. You can decide what suits your preferences depending on the needs of your company.

Contact us if you have any questions further questions. We will be happy to help you.

Updated on September 22, 2020

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