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Show more than two decimal places within the sales invoice

If you require the either the quantity field or the unit price field within your invoice to reflect more than two decimals you can achieve this by changing the design and layout of the invoice templates you are using.

In this article we explain how to edit your template so that these quantities and or the unit price appear to more than two decimal places.

How to add more decimal places to your invoice template?

Follow the steps below to modify the template of your invoice and have more than two decimals displayed in your documents.

1. Go to the Sales> Configuration> Design and layout menu option.

2. From the list of templates locate the one you wish to modify, click on the icon on the right ” Templates “.

3.You will see a list of all the documents included in the template collection. If it’s just the invoice you wish you edit click on the icon to the right ” Layout “.

4. On that screen, you will have to click on the ” Columns ” button.

5.From the list of elements to modify, you can find the item Quantity and Unit Price. In the icon on the right ” Edit ” you can access to modify them. In the editable fields, you will see a field called “Number of decimals”, where you can define the number of decimals you want to display in your documents. Note that Reviso allows up to 9 decimals.

Once saved this change you will have the configuration ready to show more decimals in your documents.

NOTE : if once you have made this change you do not see the decimal places in your template, you may have to make the column wider so that all the information enters the configured space.

How to widen the column to see more decimal places?

Go back to the editing menu of the columns of your templates, that is, follow the steps from 1 to 4 until you get to the list of columns.

Once here, you will see in the listing that each element has a width shown in millimeters ” W (mm) “.

You will need to edit the field in which you have entered more decimals, for example the field Quantity, and modify the width field by a greater value.

For example, if the field measures 15 mm. you can change it and put 25 mm. Note that, when giving a space of 10 mm. additional to this field, you should reduce those 10 mm. in another column, so that the sum of all the columns is exactly the same as before and so they are shown adjusted in the total width of the page.

You could, for example, modify the column of Product name and reduce the width of those 10 mm.

Contact us for any questions or queries please. We will be happy to help you in whatever you need.

Updated on August 19, 2020

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