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What Standard Invoice Templates Reviso Offers?

Reviso allows you to edit, create and customize the templates of all the documents that you send to your customers from the application such as invoices, quotations, orders, or reminders.

The templates are grouped in Template Collections. Each template collection, has its own template for invoice, rectification, order, etc.

Watch the following video tutorial on our YouTube channel.

How to edit invoice templates?

Go to Sales > Invoicing > Design and Layout.

By default, you will find the standard template collections that Reviso provides you with. You can edit these collections of templates or create your own if you want, although it is always better to copy an existing one and edit it, rather than to start from scratch.

template collections of reviso

Each template collection includes a Header. This heading will include the name of your company, the data of the customer to which you issue the document, your logo and your company information at the bottom of the page.

letterhead in design and layout of reviso

Each collection of templates has a list of individually customizable templates. Here are the templates (documents) Reviso offers you:

types of layout in reviso

Each one of these templates contains boxes with different information depending on the type of document. All of them can be edited. 

template picture and explanation

This is a brief summary of how templates and template collections are organized.

Do you want to know more?

  • Manage header and footer (copy, edit or new)
  • Predefined template collections
  • Link a header to a template collection
  • Insert logo and other images
  • Edit layout elements in templates
  • Edit columns and descriptions
  • Create templates with different bank information
  • Insert a watermark
  • Attach additional documents to your invoices, quotations, or orders
  • Copy template collections to other Reviso companies
  • Change a template with elements from another one
  • What are the dynamic fields for?
  • Colours: how to use them in texts and boxes
  • Change the font 
  • Move items to lists
  • Apply collection of templates to your customer/s
  • Resize the template (fully customizable)
  • Templates for invoices with various types of VAT’s

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Updated on August 21, 2020

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