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Your Accountant Needs Access to Reviso

When working with Reviso, you have the option to give access to the accountant/bookkeeper of your company, completely free of charge. Since you are the one that subscribed, the access for your accountant does not require any additional costs. 

Just watch the following video tutorial on our YouTube channel.


You as well as your accountant can simultaneously and collaboratively use the tools of Reviso.

If you are using Reviso as a revenue and expense accounting program, your accountant can access and work on the remaining accounting tasks, as well as check that the data you entered is correct.

Additionally, your accountant may get access to Reports, where he /she can download all the information needed for the realization of taxes, or even generate and submit them from our application.

This form of collaboration is very efficient and keeps both the company as well as the accountant informed about their business. All of the users can access Reviso any time and check all the data they might need.

Invite your accountant to access Reviso free of charge. In case you want to import any data from Reviso, you can do so by downloading it in an Excel file.

All of our services are accessible through the cloud, so you can use your resources more efficiently while using Reviso. It does not matter where your accountant is since he/she can access Reviso on any device with Internet connection. 

How to give access to your accountant?

In order for your accountant to have access to Reviso, you must provide us with his / her contact information, so we can register the request. 

Once we receive the contact information, we register your accountant to the system and inform him/her about Reviso and how he/ she can access the application. Your accountant might also want to schedule an online presentation about all the specifics of Reviso.

Once your bookkeeper is registered in Reviso, it is your responsibility to allow him to access the application.

Log in to your Reviso account and click on Settings > All Settings > Company > Administrators. You will then be presented with a list of some of the consultants, who work with Reviso.

Enter the name of your accountant to the search engine on the top right. Once you spot the right name, click on the icon on the right side that says Provide access.


registered administrators


Now your accountant can access Reviso as well as enter all your company’s information.

If you decide to remove the user, the icon that we have activated will be replaced by the option to Remove access.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Updated on September 23, 2020

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