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Project Accounting

With e-conomic’s Project Accounting module, you can create projects, create activities within projects e.g. planning, installation etc and assign hours, mileage, expenses and material costs to the projects you have created. These are all registered in the project card giving you an overview of what that project has cost, sales value and what has been invoiced to the client.

The module’s reports also ensure that you can always obtain an overview of hours used, the level of expenses and project earnings.

This guide describes how you set up the module, integrate it with the general ledger, accounts receivable and invoicing modules and use it to enter and invoice hours and costs connected with activities and projects.

The guide assumes that you are either a superuser or have access to both the entire base module and the Project Accounting module. It also assumes that you are familiar with project management principles.

We recommend that you read the guide thoroughly before taking the module into use

Note: Partial invoicing cannot be used in conjuction with the Project Accounting add-on module as partial invoicing exists as part of the functionality within this actual module.

and take a look at this video which gives you an overview of Project Accounting

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