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Aged creditor report

This report shows a list of the suppliers that your company owes or will soon owe money.

How to run the aged creditor report

  1. Click ‘Report’ > ‘Customers’ > ‘Aged creditors report’
  2. Edit the fields Details
  3. Click ‘OK’

Details about the fields - Note that it is not necessary to edit all the fields.

Field Action
From/To supplier A supplier number interval for the balance
From/To group A group number interval for the balance
As of The report shows the status as of the date entered
Interval (days) State the number of days in an interval, e.g., ‘15’ days for a report that shows debts due within 0-15 days, between 16-30 days and after 30 days
Invoices Shows invoices that are past their due date
Show details Shows details
Show accounts with 0 balance Check this to include accounts that balance.

See here how to run an aged creditor report:

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