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Linking documents to your entries

Scanning enables you to email documents and invoices into your agreement and then process and link them to an entry using the Create from scanned option found on each daybook:-

You can also create folders and store your documents. You can link documents to an entry that has already been booked to your system. These entries can also be held within the system with the document linked to them and accessed by your accountant /bookkeeper for approval prior to booking.

The video shows you an overview of the scanning function

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Requirements for Scanning are few: Almost any scanner (or camera phone!) can produce the accepted file formats, GIF, JPG/JPEG or PDF.

Click on the links for more information about scanning:

  • Your scanned documents don't stay in your agreement after deregistration of your Scanning Module. Before deregistraion you must therefore export your documents.
  • If you change the periods of your accounting year, please be aware that all your scanned documents disappear from your subscription. Contact e-conomic for advice, before you do so.
  • Choose different intervals for your number series, so your scanned documents only get linked to one entry. E.g, if you use Inventory and book a delivery note with entry number 1 and you also book a daybook entry number 1 via your daybooks, your scanned document will be linked to both number entries! See here how to change your number series.
  • If you have linked a scanned document to an entry - and booked it, you can't delete the linked document. Instead you will also have to link the correct document.

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