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Privacy policy for Reviso's online media

About the collection, use and protection of your personal data on reviso's online media

When you visit one of Reviso's websites, we automatically collect information about your visit. In other words, we monitor which pages you click on, if you've visited this website before as well as which other website or search engine you came from.

The information we collect from your visit cannot in any way be used to identify you personally. We use this information to monitor general tendencies in online user behaviour.

In the following, you can read about how we collect information from your visit to our websites, why we do it and how your data is protected.

Automatically collected data

When you visit one or more of Reviso's websites, we automatically collect data about your visit. This includes:

The page you entered first

Whether you have visited this website before
The duration of your visit
Which website or search engine you came from
The keyword(s) you entered in the search engine
Which web pages you visit

Your IP address

Your operating system as well as your browser type and version
Your screen resolution and the number of colours used by your PC
Whether your PC supports JavaScript and Flash
Language, country and zone/city

The data is collected using cookies, the so-called "web beacons" and log files. Most websites collect this type of information about their users, so this is standard practice.

Why do we collect data about your visit?

We use the non-personal data from cookies, web beacons and log files to learn how you and other visitors use our websites.

We monitor which pages users consider more or less useful. This helps us to further develop and improve our websites and adapt them to our users' needs.

We use data collected about user behaviour and tendencies both internally and publicly for marketing purposes, e.g. tendency reports based on the figures from the visitor statistics. Such data is collected for all or larger groups of visitors. They do not contain any information which can identify you personally. 

If you are registered as a user of the reviso accounting system, cookies are also used to prefill the log-on fields.

About the data you enter when registering for a trial or ordering a subscription

When you register for a trial or order a subscription to reviso, you enter your name, e-mail address and other personal data. This type of data is used to ensure that our system links you with your subscription/trial version.
Moreover, we use your e-mail address to send you information and updates about the use of the accounting system. Your name, e-mail address and personal information will be treated in confidence and will not be disclosed to any third party.

About the data you enter on blogs, wikis or forums or when signing up for a news mail

Specific rules apply for the use of Reviso's blogs, wikis, forums and news mails:


Blogs and wikis

When you comment on a blog post or a wiki article, you enter your name and e-mail address. The name you enter will be displayed on your comment. Although it's not required, we encourage you to use your real name.
Your e-mail address will not be shown in public. It will only be used if we need to contact you directly regarding your comment on the blog/wiki.


Before you can reply to or comment on an existing article or author new articles in a forum, you have to register as a user. When you register, you have to enter your user name and your e-mail address.
Like on blogs and wikis, we encourage you to enter your real name as your user name. Your user name will be shown publicly in the forum. Your e-mail address will not be shown publicly and will only be used, if we need to contact you directly in connection with your forum article or comment.


IP address registration when using blogs, wikis and forums

We register the IP address of your visit on blogs, wikis and forums, when you comment on or add a forum article. We use the IP address to block any misuse of our websites. It is not used to identify you personally.

News mail

The e-mail address you enter when you sign up for the Reviso news mail is only used to send news mails to you.

You can cancel your subscription to the news mail by following the link at the bottom of the e-mail. If you cancel your subscription to the news mail, we will retain your e-mail address to ensure that you will no longer receive news mails from us.

How is my personal data protected?

The personal data we collect is stored in a secure environment and treated confidentially. Access to these data is limited to selected Reviso employees and suppliers.

We do our best to secure your data in the best possible way, but we cannot guarantee the safety of data transferred via the Internet. When data is transferred via the Internet, there is a certain risk that others can access them illicitly. In other words, the safety of your data transfer is your own responsibility.

Your data is not disclosed to any third party without your permission, unless legislative authorities require that they be delivered.

Content which is not protected

The content you publish when using our blogs, wikis and forums is publicly available (text, pictures, links, etc.) and is not covered by this privacy policy.

As a user, you are responsible for the content you publish. We may decide to remove content published by you on your request, but we maintain our right not to remove already published content.

For further guidelines on publishing content on our websites, please visit the individual Reviso websites.