What our clients say about us 

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From small individually-owned businesses to large audit firms - Reviso has a wide variety of customers.

Read the personal experiences of clients using our system giving their views on the functionality, add-on module advantages and much more.

"Any scepticism of a new system has disappeared and I don’t think it will be long before we’re swearing by it!"

  Chris Dyche, Caters News Agency


"The stock functionality is particularly useful with product packs and individual items section"

Kevin Dilton-Hill, Managing Director,  Halfwine.com


"And what’s great is that the scalability of the system means that it can grow with my business"

Tracey Dunn, Managing Director,  Bluesky PR


"We can easily extract reports and get a general overview of several of our companies in one glance."

Thomas Gents, PalletBiz Franchising Kft.  Palletbiz.com


 "I chose to use this system for three main reasons: security, simplicity and price"

Mark Cunningham, Cabinet DN 


"Because this system is small and flexible but big and capable - and can be accessed from wherever I am, whenever I want. "

Lennie Gent, Metals Direct 


"The subscription module does everything for us, saving a lot of time and frustration!!

Phil Rutter, BKSTS and Absolute Advantage    


"Well, that's what I call support! Very important when you are a small company without accounting expertise"

Mike O'Sullivan, Access 2 Books


"Using this system gives us peace of mind"

Andrew Draper, Nordic International 


"I can look up things that I may need for a client wherever I am – in essence I always have my clients’ data at hand"

Linda Abbott, Freelance Accountant


"Because it allows easy access to key accounts so we can negotiate better margins…."

Simon Hayward, Business Development Director, Dream Doors Ltd