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Want to become an App Partner?

If you're building an app that integrates to Reviso and are interested in being featured on our website, we'd love to hear from you via

In order to make sure the quality of the listed Apps is top of the line, we've put together a set of best practices for you, as an app developer, to follow.

Token authentication

All new Reviso integrations must use the token authentication and authorization process.

Fair use policy

API integrations can potentially introduce a lot of extra load on our servers. So in order to ensure that all partners and customers have a good experience when using Reviso, we urge all developers to consider and optimize their calls and flows. Fair use is defined as 50,000 API calls per 24 hour period per agreement.

If an app creates an excessive load on the API, Reviso is at liberty, without warning, to restrict the integration's access to our APIs, or the affected agreements' access to the APIs. We will offer help and guide on how to optimize the technical implementation.


To make sure our customers get the best possible experience when connecting to a third party app, app partners are required to offer support for their app. As a minimum this means email support, with a normal response time below 24 hours.

Sometimes a case may have to be investigated further, but in this situation your answer should detail what actions are being taken and when the customer can expect an update.

Dedicated landing page

We need a dedicated Reviso themed landing page on your website that links back to Reviso. This page is where the customers are directed after visiting your app page in the Apps section on our website, so it must clearly show the customers that they have been taken to the right place.

We can provide you with a logo package that you can pick and choose from. Just send us an email at


We encourage you to consider how to provide a smooth onboarding experience for your customers.

We recommend the use of a redirectUrl when you send customers to our Grant access page (see more in our Connection guide). Similarly: Consider using the REST API /self endpoint to get data on your customers and minimize the amount of data they have to have to enter.