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API tools we use every day

We use these tools all day every day when working with our REST API. They make things easy for us, and we think they could help you as well.

JSON Formatter Chrome Extension

This extension formats all JSON in a nice and readable manner. But the absolute best thing is that it makes all links clickable. If you just want to start exploring our API without having to register or set up authentication, then just install this extension, go to and follow the links. This by far the most powerful tool when exploring our API.

Install the JSON Formatter

Advanced REST Client Chrome Plugin

This tool makes it easy to send requests to our API, and inspect the response. Just add your headers and start GET'ing and POST'ing.

Install the Advanced REST Client Chrome Plugin

Chrome Developer Extensions

If you are building a browser JavaScript app, nothing beats the developer tools already embedded in the browser. Just hit F12 and start inspecting your requests.


When you don’t have the luxury of the Chrome Developer Tools and need to debug your own application, then Fiddler is absolutely one of the best tools out there. Head on over to Telerik and download it.

Download Fiddler