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Prestashop to Reviso (IEX)

No more boring typing ­automatic transfer of your orders, products and customers from PrestaShop to Reviso. Free demo.

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  • Save time and money on accounting
  • Say goodbye to boring typing and typos
  • Automate your workflow immediately

No more boring typing ­ automatic transfer of your orders, products and customers from Magento to Reviso. Free demo.

The app connects Magento with Reviso, automatically transferring your orders, products and customers from webshop to accounting system in real­time. So you no longer have to spend your time on boring typing ­ giving you the time to focus on your business instead. With the free 14 days demo you can try out the solution.


● Transfer orders, products and customers

● Choose which order states to transfer

● Real­time transfer

● Multi currency support

● Automatic bookkeeping

● Automatic invoicing

● Setup to your needs

● Stock synchronisation with Reviso inventory

● Great support


Easy setup

To setup the integration just follow the step by step guide and you are up and running in almost no time. You can also choose to have an experienced IEX technician handle the configuration for you.

Backwards transfer of orders

If you need to transfer your old orders to Reviso, IEX can handle a backwards transfer for you.

Your IEX dashboard

In the IEX dashboard you have full control of the app, and here you can follow transfers, logs and statistics.

Notice: Transfer of custom fields, special setups and backward transfers are handled at IEX’s normal rate for programming.