What is Project Management?

Definiton: The facilitation and integration of important tasks, information, and costs during the management of a large project.

Project management software often allows you keep track of the key tasks related to a specfic project. These key tasks can include the entry of hours, scheduling and related costs, budget control, critical path analysis, administrative support, etc.

Hours and related costs that are tracked during a project can be used for invoicing of the project, or even as cost management for tasks on fixed prices.

Reviso Project management

Project management with Reviso allows the direct entry of project hours worked into the system by the registrant. Also, costs for the project are booked directly through the creditor invoice or financial appendix.

Therfore, when the project client is to be invoiced or the total costs need to be calculated, With the Reviso Project management add-on module, creating an invoice that includes all project hours and costs is simple.

Furthermore, the module can also provide insight into whether the project will be profitable or not.

Reviso keeps you updated

With a system such as Reviso, keeping records online throughout a project will allow you to see statistics for your ongoing or completed work for that project - anytime, anywhere.

This way you can assess the total knock-on effect of any departures from the original plan in the most important areas (such as bugeting and scheduling) while the project progresses.