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Publishing your app

Once your app meets our requirements, you're ready to have it reviewed and finally published in the Apps sections on our website.


Before we publish your app we need to carry out a quick review. We're doing this to ensure that our users are offered quality apps only. Typically the review is done online via Google Hangouts or a similar screensharing tool.

During the review, we expect you to give a prepared presentation of your app. Every app is different and so each session is unique but we have some general items we would like you to include:

  • Introduction to your company
  • Introduction to your product
  • Main features and their use
  • Introduction to your business model
  • Onboarding flow - use a demo to demonstrate:

                      - How does a Reviso customer hook up with your app?

                      - Is it a smooth flow that includes tokens and a redirectUrl? (See more in our Connection guide)

                      - How does a Reviso customer use your app?

                      - Is it easy to use and does it add value?

  • Data flow between Reviso and your app:

                      - How is data imported/exported in your app, and it is done correctly?

                      - How is data imported/exported in Reviso, and it is done correctly?

To arrange a date for the review, please get in touch via

Submitting for publishing

After a successful review you can submit your app for publishing by sending an email to

In order to give you the best possible exposure we need the following information:

  • App name
  • Developer name
  • Company address (street and number)
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Country
  • Support email
  • Company website URL
  • App landing page URL
  • Contact person name
  • List of benefits
  • Company logo (min. 250px * 250px)
  • App logo (min. 190px * 190px)
  • Screenshots (Less than 2MB, format: png, jpg or jpeg)
  • Short description (plain text, approx. 140 chars, to be shown on the overview page)
  • Long description (simple HTML formatting allowed)
  • Product presentation video link (optional)
  • Reviso module requirements (e.g. Project, Inventory, Fixed Assets) 
  • Supported countries (UK, Spain, Germany, Italy)
  • Other requirements

Remember that we have App sections in English, German, Spanish and Italian, so depending on which countries your App is supporting you need to provide the above information in these languages. 

If you have questions to all of this please get in touch via