What is a Subscription?

Definition: A purchase that is made by a signed order, for a one-year of a periodical for example. In Reviso, the subscription add-on module is designed for businesses that have to invoice their customers for their goods or services in specific intervals.

A contract where someone pays for a product or service in regular intervals is called a subscription. When someone pays a fee to receive a product, service, or the like in regular intervals, this is also called a subscription.

From a sales point of view, a subscription could be sold for a periodical, an upcoming book, a set of entertainment tickets, and so forth.

The Reviso Subscription module

Reviso Subscription add-on module allows you to invoice your customers for a product or service at specific intervals, for example to collect membership fees, rent, payment for services, etc.

The type or number of subscriptions that you may have is unlimited, and a single customer can hold more than one subscription at the same time.

How do I find out more?

Learn all about the Reviso subscription add-on module on our website or find out how to work with the subscription module on our help site.