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Tracezilla is an order and inventory management system designed for food companies.

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About tracezilla

tracezilla handles purchase, production, sales, inventory, quality, invoicing and financials in a food context and with a seamless integration to the accounting system Reviso.

tracezilla’s mission is to make it easy - also for smaller companies - to run a professional and modern food business. We do this by automating your daily work processes and documentation and providing you insights that allow you to optimize your business and make it more efficient.

tracezilla is a standard solution where all functionality is ready to use out of the box. This means that you don’t need to engage in risky IT development projects to get the functionality that supports a food company.

tracezilla has a transparent and predictable price structure with a fixed, low, monthly subscription fee. Start-up assistance and support services in English are free and included in the subscription fee.

tracezilla and Reviso

tracezilla is a truely digital solution born to integrate to other digital solutions in a smooth and frictionless way. tracezilla has a seamless integration to the cloud-based accounting system Reviso, where information about suppliers, customers and SKUs are automatically syncronised.

When an invoice is created in tracezilla, a copy of the invoice will automatically be created in Reviso and booked on the relevant GL account. In this way, there is no double work and tracezilla and Reviso works as 1 single, integrated system.

Reviso is a modern and well-functioning accounting system, which is part of a broad eco-system of digital applications. In this way, Reviso is a strong integration partner for tracezilla and the natural choice of partner in the Italian market.

tracezilla key features

tracezilla automatically ensures traceability on all your goods from purchase over production to sales and invoicing.

You can manage production efficiently with recipes and automatically calculate the expected use of raw materials for your production.

tracezilla manages your inventory by date and by lot or batch and always suggests to pick the oldest goods first. This helps you reduce food waste. tracezilla also helps you do efficient planning and forecasting, which also contributes to reducing food waste.

If you have certified organic production, tracezilla will automatically generate the documentation required for the certification authorities.

With tracezilla you can make exact calculations of cost prices and margins. This allows you to optimize cost structures and efficiently manage the financials of your food business.

Optimize your food business with tracezilla in a seamless integration with Reviso accounting.