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WooCommerce Exporter to Reviso

Export suppliers, products, customers and orders from your WooCommerce store to TeamSystem Reviso. Export new orders and create invoices in real time.

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App Features:

  1. WordPress users as clients and suppliers
    With WooCommerce Exporter for Reviso you can export WordPress users as clients or suppliers to TeamSystem Reviso.
    Just select the WordPress user role(s) you need, chose the right Reviso group and click Export to Reviso.
    New contacts will be created and existing ones updated, transferring all user information available.

  2. Export all your products
    Export all your WooCommerce products or select one or more categories that you need to transfer to Reviso.
    No matter how many product you have, WooCommerce Exporter for Reviso can export them for you.
    You will always be able to delete them all in a click.

  3. Export all WooCommerce orders
    Select the WooCommerce orders status(es) you need and click Export to Reviso, that's all.
    You can set the plug-in to automatically create invoices for completed orders, choosing the numerical series of Reviso to use and defining whether to issue the document directly or not.
  4. Export new orders and create invoices in real time
    Every time you receive a new order, it will be automatically exported to Reviso, generating the invoice if it is a completed order.
  5. View PDF Invoices directly in WordPress
    A PDF of each invoice generated in Reviso will be available on your site, in the WooCommerce orders archive page.
  6. Check the activities in progress
    WooCommerce Exporter for Reviso uses Action Scheduler, a solid library that every month processes millions of payments for Subscriptions, webhooks for WooCommerce, as well as emails and other events for a range of other plugins. You can always check the transfer status by going to WooCommerce / Status / Scheduled Actions.