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About the REST API

The Reviso API is a RESTful API based on the HTTP protocol and the JSON format. The REST API is constantly evolving and new features and data will be exposed here.

Take a look at the REST API documentation here:

Stable vs. Experimental resources

With the API evolving all the time we have split our resources into stable and experimental.

Stable resources are production-ready and you can trust the signature of the resources. We might add more properties to stable endpoints, but we won't change the basic structure or property naming.

Experimental resources are just that, experimental. But we've decided to expose them publicly so you can see what is being built. You are more than welcome to talk to our experimental endpoints, but we strongly recommend that you don't rely on these resources for business-critical applications or integrations. Their signature is subject to change and naming of properties might change as well, without notice.

When the experimental resources are matured they are moved to our collection of stable resources, ready for production.